Dr. Jean M. Oberg’s Education

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine- DVM Degree- Tuskegee University- Tuskegee, Al 1988

Master of Science- MS Degree- Long Island University-Greenvale, NY 1981

Bachelor of Science- BS Degree- University Of Florida- Gainesville, Fl 1980

Studied as Exchange student in Pergugia Italy 1982-1983

Licenses and Professional Organizations

I have license to practice Veterinary Medicine in Florida and NJ actively since May 1988.

I am accredited veterinarian which means I can authorize Health Certificates for pets to travel out of state and out of the country.

I am member of following organizations:

A.V.M.A – American Veterinary Medical Association

F.V.M.A – Florida Veterinary Medical Association

P.B.V.S – Palm Beach Veterinary Medical Association

A.A.M.V.P – American Association of Mobile Veterinary Practioners