Winnie the Laradoodle

A Laradoodle is crossbred created by crossing a Poodle with a Labrador retriever. The first generation is called an F1 generation and if you then cross a labradoodle with labradoodle it is called a F2 generation. I would like to introduce you to, “Winnie the Blue”. She was from the crossing of a Labradoodle crossed with Labradoodle and is a F2 generation.  Winnie has a non shedding coat similar to the poodle coat however since she is a hybrid and not a breed, puppies of same litter do not have consistent predicatable characteristics like hair coat type. Labradoodles have generally three type hair coats, Fleece, curly-coated and wool coats. Because most Labradoodles are non shedding they may be suitabe for people with allergies. Winnie coat does not shed and she needs to groomed every 4-6 weeks . Labradoodles are generally friendly, easy to train, energenic, and good with families and they love to swim. Winnie is training to become a service dog and will be used to visit children in hospitals. The last picture on bottom is picture of her mother. Her name is Cancy Doodle.