Dear Dr. Oberg,

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how very apprciative I am for you and what you do.

You changed our whoe outlook yesterday with just one visit. I understand someday I will need to let my girls go but no one is ready right now. Not even Chloe. I was getting some very bad

advice and calling you made eveything right.

I am so in love with the girls, they have gotten me through some pretty unbearable times and I in turn have promised them a dignified happy healthy life with us. They mean so much to us and I always

want to be sure I am making all the best decisions on their behalf.

Sincerely Michela P-G

Feb 2015

Dear Dr. Oberg and Penny,

Thank you so much for Ernie’s paw print and picture box. The holiday were very busy and it’s not the same without Ernie, so it was nice to have something to remember him by. Poor Sophie has been deporessed since Ernie passed too.

Kind Regards Rick, Peggy, Lindsey and Sophie.

Jan 2015

Dr. Oberg,

I truly thank you & your staff for helping me end Handsome’s suffering. To deal with his tumors & being blind since Jun 2014, the little guy has had a lot to bare. Only to come from a place where he was starving & loaded with fleas. THEN ONLY TO BE LOVED THRU HIS PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT WE MET.

Thank you for your kindness towards Handsome & myself.

Thank you Lonna G

August 2014

Dear Dr. Jean,

I personally wanted to thank you for your service last week. As mentioned in our first phone conversation, we recently moved to Wellington from Nashville, TN. We expected our dog (Harley) wouldn’t make it much longer but we had no idea who to turn to when “that time” occured,. Thankfully, I came across your buisness on the internet. You really came through for my family during that very emotional time. I’ll never forget you actually re-arranging your schedulte to meet our immediate needs. We are very impressed with your compassion along with outstanding professionalism. The bottom line is, you were there for us when we needed you. You will absolutely be referred by us as we make new friends and contacts in our new neighborhood.

I am glad we met,

Thank you Dale Jr and our family

August 2014

Hi Dr. Oberg,

Got the meds on Sat and gave spike Nexgard on sat and the Heartgard on Sunday. He thought they were treats. Horray, it was so much easier than using the meds. Thank you for doing all paperwork for me for the rebate. This make my life so much easier and you are always so helpful and give me best advice. Getting the meds in mail makes this so easy.

Thanks again Carolyn

March 2014

Dear Dr. Jean and Penny,

Thank you so much for your contribution in “Bark for Life”. We appreciate your time and donation honororing our canine companions and helping making our event and donating your time and support.

Thank you Lisa and Holly

Jan 2014

Dear Dr. Oberg,

Just a note to let you know I received Wejo’s puppy paw and tuft of his hair. They were packaged with love and so beautifullyt, I can tell you are compassionate person. When I get another dog I would honored to have you as our vet. Thank you for your kindness.

Love Carolyn


Mr benson stuff

August 2013

Thank you for all the love you’ve given Mr. Benson and Sissy, and througout the years. Just wanted to say thank you, Georgia

Dear Dr. Oberg, June 2013

To say you are our angel doesn’t even begin to describe the kindness and compassion you showed us (Joey, me and Bubba) in our time of need. In my entrie life, I’ve never met a Dr. as special as you. May god bless you with everything you want in life. Because if not you…. than who? We will see you again, in happier times.

Lots of Love,

Audrey and Joey

Dear Dr. Oberg, June 2013

Thank you so much for your wonderful sensitivity, thoughtfulness and generousity, in guiding our family through our loss. Oreo was our only family pet, and your valuable understanding has meant so much to us at this time. Both “boxes”, will be treasured always.

With much admiration and appreciation Sheryl, Bernie and Lisa

Dear Dr. Jean May 2013

Thank you so much from all of us who love our wonderful wildlife. Our dear sandhill crane had the very best care by you. Miraculously you were there at it’s moment of greatest need when it was hit by car and left to die on the side road. Bless you, for all you do, for all of the animals (and birds).

Sincerely Priscilla

Dear Dr Oberg,

Wanted to send you a BIG HUG!!– Just recieved a card from UF letting us know you gave a gift in Casey’s name. What a wonderful thing to do 🙂 You have been such an Angel }:) It has been such a comfort to have you come to us in our time of need. It really has made those difficult times more bearable. Your kind heart and compassion is undeniable!! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.

Love to You Debbie, Chuck, Wile E Coyote and Kibbles

Dr Dr. Oberg Dec 2012

Thank you for your special caring for Madi and your thoughtful donation in her honor. With much appreciation.

Sue and Chuck

Dear Dr. Oberg, November 2012

A special thank you for helping our dear Allie to peacefully transition from her more than 21 wonderful years with us in this world. We appreciate your compassion and support, during this difficult time, more than words can say.

Robert and Peggy

Dear Dr. O Sept 2012,

Words can not express how we feel about your love, dedication and kindness. The death of our beloved Pumpkin was so hard finding him gone without warning. Your presence, gifts and transportation was so comforting in such a difficult time. We consider you “The Best” animal doctor in the world! We, also , consider you a friend- We love you.

Truly Randee and Howard.

Dear Dear Dr. Jean, (July 2012)

Thank you so much for your excellent and very compassionate care of Blackie(Midnight) when he was injured by a wild animal, and for guiding us though the last months of his life. He was a precious pet for 17 years , and the paw print, locket of fur, and lovely picture will cherished.

Priscilla and Marisa

Dear Dr. Oberg

We were touched by your kind gesture . We cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness. We will cherish the little box with Jake’s picture and paw print.

Sincerely Lori and Lloyd

Dear Dr.Oberg,

Thank you for thaking such good care of me. Happy St patrick’s Day.

Love Buddy and his parents

Dear Dr. Oberg,

I want to Update. Peggy is doing much better. I want to thank you again for your time and advise and it was truely appreciated.

Sincerely Peggy and Holly

Dear Dr. Oberg,

Thank you for being there for Blondie. Your compassion for him, and for us, was so special. We were touched by your personal sacrifice, morning and night to care for him. If not for your devotion, we would have missed our opportunity to bring him home for one last night together. We were blessed with your geniune concern for our loss, we appreciate everything that you did to help us.

Sincerely Bondi, Donald and Randy

Dear Dr. Oberg,

Our family has lost a loyal and faithful member , but your gift will always honor his memory. We were truly touched by your expression of Franklin and our family is very grateful. We would also like to thank you and support staff the day we brought Franklin to your office. Thank you so much for your gift the painting of Franklin, we will always cherish it in our home and I was truely touched by your gift and thankful that you have been there for Franklin when he needed you.

Thanks again Franklin, Juliana, Dominic

Dear Jean

Bruce and I want to thank you very much for your wonderful care of Joey, our Weimaraner, over the past four years. He was a “crazy boy” who hated going to the vet, shaking, and convulsing every time he came within sniffling distance of your office.

Today , on his last day, things were different. You and your excellent staff made his last moments calm and serene. He felt safe and knew he was in good hands. He left this world wihtout pain and in total peace. He was a lucky boy.

Our deepest thanks for making the hard day easier.

Sandra and Joey

Dear Dr.Oberg,

Thank you so much very much for taking care of ashley last week when she had bad reaction to the vaccines. It was so great knowing you were able to help us and so quickly!!! We were so worried about her, but she is perfect now and back to herself. Many thanks to you.

Warmly Debra and the the family and and Ashley too.

Dear Dr. Oberg,

My family and I would like to thank you for all your help during this difficult time. Murphy was my best friend, a family member and was treated like one of our children. He will forever be missed! You and your staff’s kindness will also be forever remembered.

Happy Holidays, The Clark Family