Hours of Operation

To schedule an appointment call us at 561-345-2537.

Payment for services is made at the time of the appointment. We accept checks and all major credit cards. If your check is returned we will charge $25.00 fee.

All your vaccination certificates and /or health certificates will printed at time of visit.

We bring most medications with us however under certain situations a medication will need to be ordered. We will make arrangements to get your medication to you with a reasonable turn around time. In certain situations we can personally deliver or drop ship your medication.

Dr. Oberg will not fax or call in any prescriptions to any on line pharmacies. She would be happy to give you a written prescription, if you prefer. This is done not as an inconvenience you but to eliminate any verbal errors and incorrect dosages made or sent on behalf of her patients. Once the medication is shipped I would have no way to verify any verbal communications.

Vaccinations are recommended based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors. I will tailor make a recommendation based on those facts. Not all pet’s will require all type of vaccinations.

Our service offers greater freedom in scheduling appointments, but this service, is not synonymous with a 24/7 emergency service. Our service will close at night and weekends and holidays and we will be referring our calls during these times. Please see our link to acquire those numbers to call when we are closed. Look under the heading Emergency on our web site.