In Home Pet Euthanasia

This is one of the hardest decisions a person can make. I understand how it feels to face this loss and I am here to help you make this heartbreaking decision. I am committed to answering your questions. If I can’t help you I will connect you with the service or referral hospital that can help.

I am trained in assessing quality of life and the level of pain and suffering a pet might be experiencing. I will give you advise and I have helped many families over my 25 years experience with making these decisions.

I get asked many times by pet owners. When is it time?

I will make sure I answer all your question honesty and I will guide you thru this decision. Saying goodbye to your beloved pet is no easy task. That is why a in home euthansia is the most comfortable setting for you and your beloved pet. You will be treated with respect and your pet will be treated with love and dignity.

After the consultation, in some cases , we may elect to postpone the procedure and I will make suggestions to keep your pet as comfortable until the ultimate decision is made.

I will not put to sleep any pets that appear to be healthy and the owner would like to euthanize a pet for convenience sake.

In Home Euthanasia services includes:

– In home consultation

– Sedation

– Humane Euthanasia

– Memorial Keepsake- clay pawprint and hair clipping

– Memorial Donation made in name of your pet

– Transportation to crematory