Pet Dental Services

Dental Hygiene is one most important health concerns to pets and pet owners. Halitosis or bad breath is often the first sign a client will notice. Often pets will continue to eat, even if the mouth may be in pain. Therefore the actual extent of dental problems may not be readily apparent to many pet owner. If your pet has bad breath, broken teeth or loose teeth, swollen face, teeth discolored or teeth covered with calculus, abnormal chewing or drooping of food from mouth, reduced appetite, pain when touch mouth, bleeding near mouth or blood on chew toys, this should prompt you for a dental exam. This is why your yearly wellness exam is important, so that we can assess your pet’s mouth each year.

Plague starts as early as age 3 and hardens into tartar. We can provide a dental exam to assess your pet’s teeth in our office or in the comfort of his/her home as a house call. However if we recommend a dental cleaning, this service can’t be done your house but will be done in our “state of art”, dental suite. This will allow us to preform the procedure with less stress and less pain for your pet. General anesthesia with intubation is necessary to remove plague and tartar from the entire tooth.

Did you know? 60 percent of plague is under the gum line and you can’t see it. Therefore dental cleaning under anesthesia will insure that entire tooth will cleaned including under the gum line and we will insure your pet will be pain free throughout the entire procedure

We provide friendly pet dental services a my “state of art” hospital in Wellington.

If extractions are needed, Dr. Oberg can preform that service and provide proper pain management. Every pet who comes into our dental suite will have pre-op dental exam and pre-anesthetis blood work prior to procedure to insure the risks will not outweigh the benefits. All pets will placed on an extensive monitor throughout the procedure to insure safety. All our pets will go home after the procedure. All extractions will done by Dr. Jean Oberg and not by tech. Every pet will also get a complimentary ear cleaning, toe nail trim and anal’s expressed. You might consider this the ultimate spa day for your pet. Below is a couple of the most recent dental cleaning done at our hospital.

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